Diploma Graduate Project on the greater Oslo-region housing crisis in co-operation with Tron Wisløff of G*R*I*G.

The project propose a large student housing project on the Strømsø square in Drammen outside of Oslo. With a total of 574 residents in single and double rooms the two buildings suggest a greater use and mutual beneficial qualities of shared facilities. While the private room only consist of a bedroom and bath the building has shared living rooms with views to the park to the south as well as the square to the north, up on the 13th floor with a view and down by the street to watch the people outside. The residents has a large communal kitchen on street level in each building with more private mezzanines on the 1st floor. The building also has terrasses above the kitchens, study rooms, TV-lounges, shared washing facilities, a climbing center and a communal space for events under ground between the buildings.

The project is a response to the lack of student housing causing pressure on the private rental housing market as well as giving way for unprofessional actors to profit from the lack housing. Through better public rent-controlled oppertunities the state substidies that constitute the main income for students can be kept low and the rent will not just be a wealth transfer from students to people who can afford excess rental flats.