De-centralized Refugee Asylum
Design studio "GK3 Bolig" with Bente Kleven, Arna Mathiesen and Tine Busk.

The building is a flexible apartment complex with up to 4 families or a total of about 20 people. The private areas are of moderate size, however shared activity rooms on the 1st floor, the plaza in front of the building and the roof top common area gives several spaces with varying degree of public contact.

A 'UDI' employee is always available in the office as well as in the internet café where the inhabitants can get help in bureaucratic procedures and can keep in contact with family and friends. The café offer WiFi access in the park across the street in the summer to generate income.

The living units are located north and south of the buildings vertical core. This gives a good acoustic and visual private sphere. The cantilever is held by the core and from there the steel is exposed and creates a visual screen.