Moss Innovation University
Design studio "GK5 Fremtidsbyer" with Lars Haukeland, Sondre Gundersen, Mirza Mujezinovic and Floire Nathanael Daub. Work in co-operation with Cecilie Andersen and Tarald Kverneland.

By 2030 Moss will have 60.000 inhabitants and a better connection with the Oslo conglomeration, giving them a chance to get a stronger position in the south-eastern region of Norway. Through a concideration of different program interventions a university would have the combination of relativly fast implimentation as well as growth over time.

The new plan emphesize the local history of the industrial halls and makes space for perimeter block housing with high density as well as cultural and retail spaces. Due to the location on the northern waterfront there is an oppertunity to create afordable housing in relation to the university.