Shifting Spatial Territories
Design studio "Sted og konstruksjon, Studio Bygg 3" with Per Olaf Fjeld, Lisbeth Funck and Rolf Gerstlauer.

The forest between Tiriltunga and Lerdalstoppen has been left unbuilt, not because of its location in general, but probably rather due to the specific topography of the landscape. The valley shape climbing up from the west can work as a wind funnel, but at the same time it is currently shielded by the forest and divide the adjacent residential areas. A territory can be claimed here, infiltrating the close surroundings from between the trees or reaching out even across the fjord or into the inner city by climbing above the crown of the trees.

Through the acts of the users the building will change, it will be part of a history and it will alter the duration of the buildings life by prolonging or decreasing its potential life span. Further the events initiating these changes can be seen as key points in the buildings life span, controlled by the sum of several small events in time. In this way the long term history of the building is always the sum of individual actions of the users.